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This offering is available to panel brokers only. To inquire about being added to this panel please contact us.

Coast Insurance offers Business Pack or ISR commercial property insurance for a range of general, hospitality, food, and trade occupations, as well as property owners.


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Coast Insurance has a wide liability offering, providing broadform cover for a range of businesses, with excess layers available.

Marine Industry

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Coast Insurance has specialised in solutions for the marine industry for over 25 years, starting with our commercial offering for yacht clubs and marinas and the vessels berthed at them.

Legal Expenses

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Coast Insurance offers a streamlined legal expenses policy providing businesses with legal advice and cover for the cost of pursuing or defending certain types of unforeseen legal matters.


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As a marine specialist, Coast Insurance provides cover for a range of vessel types, from pleasure to commercial, and paddle craft to personal water craft.

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Boats, Personal Water Craft & Private Jetties
Coast Insurance provide comprehensive insurance cover for a range of vessels such as pleasure craft, person water craft, paddle craft and commercial vessels, as well as private jetties and marinas.