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About Coast Insurance

our origins

After 27 years as Trident Underwriting, due to expansion and independence, we now emerge as Coast Insurance. From our origins in marine insurance, we’ve come ashore and evolved into a multi-class underwriting agency, still maintaining a strong marine focus.

our future

The name Coast is a reference to both our company’s heritage and the wonderful Australian lifestyle that we seek to protect. Just as the coastline protects our land from the oceans, Coast Insurance helps Australians protect their much-envied way of life. With our vast knowledge and deep expertise, we can provide Australians with the right insurance solutions for their unique needs.


Our Team

Our experienced team of specialists have been helping Australians protect their unique lifestyle, from work to play, for more than 25 years.

For any new business, current business or claims matters you can call or email us and your enquiry will be steered to the correct member of our trusted team.


Stephanie Muller

General Manager - Underwriting

All underwriting matters
New business opportunities and schemes
Complaints resolution
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7014
Mobile: +61(0)406 096 306

Jordan Brindley

General Manager - Operations

All finance & administration matters
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7012
Mobile: +61(0)434 943 135

Rick Wolozny

Executive Chairman

Property & Liability Underwriting

Geoff Elsdon

Business Development Manager & Underwriter
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7017

Sean Williams

Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7001

Vinifer Wadia

Senior Property Underwriter
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7011

Joanne Nettleton

Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7024

Samuel Wolozny

Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7039

Claire Hunter

Trainee Underwriter
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7041

Vessels Underwriting

Jack Betton

Underwriter - Team Leader
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7005

Ben Hewitt

Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7022


Boyd Metcalf

Director - Saber Claims Management & Consultancy
Direct: +61(0)8 9463 0066
Mobile: +61(0)475 789 145

mark askew

Claims Manager - Saber Claims Management & Consultancy
Mobile: +61(0)407 769 514

Greg Stacey

Claim Manager – Saber Claims Management & Consultancy
Direct: +61(0)8 9474 4656

Finance & Administration

April Cunningham

Administration Officer
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7037

Sarah Brown

Administration Officer
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7023


Administration Assistant
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7038


Office Assistant

Remittance advices
Direct: +61(0)8 6374 7000

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