How do I make a boat insurance claim?

How do I make a boat insurance claim?
how do i make a boat insurance claim?
If you need to make a boat insurance claim, these tips will help you take the right steps, while ensuring the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Minimise further loss

So long as you are not going to be in any personal danger, we recommend doing whatever you need to do to minimise any further loss to your own boat or equipment, as well as any other property around you.

Of course, safety is a priority, so if you cannot minimise further loss without putting yourself or others in harm’s way, then skip straight to Step 2.

  1. Contact the police

If the boat insurance claim is the result of theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or impact, you’ll need to contact the police and file a report. We recommend doing this as soon as you can, so everything is officially on record.

A boat insurance claim of this nature cannot be processed until a police report has been filed. It also tends to be easier to provide information to the police when it is fresh in your mind.

  1. Don’t admit fault

Unless required by law, do not admit guilt, fault or liability for the accident or incident – even if you’re feeling overwhelmed or shaken by what has happened. Admitting fault may impact your claim and legal proceedings in a negative way, and it is perfectly fine not to do so.

We also recommend that you do not offer to pay a claim, or negotiate payment for a claim. Let your insurer handle this, as that is what they do every day for people in your situation.

  1. Contact your insurer

As soon as you have done your best to minimise further loss and contacted the police, we recommend getting in touch with your insurer to let them know about the accident or incident.

At Coast, you can contact us:

7am to 5pm AWST | Monday to Friday

+61 (08) 6374 7070

Emergency After Hours

+61 (0) 475 789 145


This Emergency After Hours number is for any client who needs critical support outside of business hours. Once you contact us, we will supply you with the information you need to complete your claim.

We also recommend calling our office during business hours, if you have any questions about the claims process, so you feel informed and supported.

  1. Don’t arrange repairs

Don’t arrange for your boat or equipment to be repaired until your marine insurer has told you to do so. This includes arranging replacement parts. If you do need to perform emergency repairs to prevent or minimise further loss or damage, ask your insurer if this is okay to do.


Need to make a claim?

For more detailed information on how to make a boat insurance claim, please head here. If you need to make a claim, or would like an obligation-free quote for your boat, get in touch today.

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