25,000 kilometres of coastline
25 million people
2.5 million businesses

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Boats, Personal Water Craft & Private Jetties
Coast Insurance provide comprehensive insurance cover for a range of vessels such as pleasure craft, personal water craft, paddle craft and commercial vessels, as well as private jetties and marinas.


Various retail and commercial products including package solutions
Coast Insurance are committed to supporting our broker partners in protecting their clients. Here you will find our vast range of products available, submit quote requests and lodge claims.


We’ve been helping Australians protect the lifestyle they love for more than 25 years

Australia’s 25,000 kilometres of coastline is one of the longest in the world. It not only protects our land, it protects our people and their livelihoods. At Coast Insurance, this is where our journey begins. We don’t believe that any port in a storm will do, instead, we help our clients navigate risks and weather all conditions by providing the best insurance solutions.

Coast protects the vast landscape of life in Australia. With extensive insurance solutions and a depth of expertise, we deliver confidence through uncertainty, knowing businesses and lifestyles are protected.

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After 27 years as Trident Underwriting, due to expansion and independence, we now emerge as Coast Insurance. From our origins in marine insurance, we’ve come ashore and evolved into a multi-class underwriting agency, still maintaining a strong marine focus.

our future

The name Coast is a reference to both our company’s heritage and the wonderful Australian lifestyle that we seek to protect. Just as the coastline protects our land from the oceans, Coast Insurance helps Australians protect their much-envied way of life. With our vast knowledge and deep expertise, we can provide Australians with the right insurance solutions for their unique needs.

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When the unexpected occurs, our insurance cover helps protect our clients from the worst. You can easily lodge a claim directly with us online or contact one of our claims specialists for assistance. Coast have an emergency after hours service available to all our customers, as the unexpected can occur at any time.

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For Boats, Personal Water Craft & Sports Craft


For Boats, Personal Water Craft & Sports Craft

Various retail and commercial products including package solutions

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