Best Online Boating Courses in Australia

Best Online Boating Courses in Australia
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If you’re looking to brush up on your marine skills from the comfort of your home, then an online boating course could be for you.


There is no substitute for hands-on, practical boat training and assessment, however this is not always possible. A great alternative is online skills-based recreational boating training. We aim to provide people with the necessary boating information to advance their knowledge and skills, as well as an understanding of local and maritime laws. Upskilling yourself in these areas plays a critical role in boating safety and the protection of the marine environment.


Why Expand Your Boating Knowledge?


With the number of recreational watercraft users increasing and boating technology continuing to evolve, safety is more important that ever. The need to monitor people’s use of waterways and the environment has increased significantly. There is a greater need to ensure safety for all boat and waterway users.

In 2016–17, almost 60,000 people were hospitalised for sports injuries in Australia, and among those cases were water sports-related injuries. It was also stated that many boating incidents went unreported. This indicates that there are more accidents and mishaps on the water. These incidents usually come as a result of poor preparation and a lack of attention.

As marine insurance specialists, Coast Insurance will protect you in the worst-case scenario. However, it is important to learn how to avoid or manage situations properly.


Online Refresher


Online courses offer many advantages. One important benefit of an online course is the ability to study your initial licensing theory before you begin the practical aspects.

Online learning is a wonderful way to interact with course material in a private setting. Nobody is looking over your shoulder. If you do make a mistake, you can simply go back over the material.

Expanding your boating skills and knowledge could also mean your boat insurer may offer a discount on your boat insurance rates.

We’ve listed some of the online boating courses available in Australia right now.

Here’s what made the cut.


Australian Sailing e-Learning Courses


Australian Sailing Resources offers free online courses targeted at clubs, members, volunteers, coaches, and administrators. To enrol in the courses, students need to register their details via the Learning Portal. Some of the courses on offer include:

  • Instructor General Principles
  • Sailing Coach General Principles
  • Mark Laying Course
  • Sailing Windsurfing Endorsement
  • Sailing SUP Endorsement
  • Safety Code Induction

For the full list of online courses, head here.


Victorian Boat Training


If you’re looking to secure a boat or PWC jet ski licence that is valid in Victoria, then Victorian Boat Training offers online courses and assessments. Your first step will be to choose the date of your test, and then you’ll be given online course tools, including videos, presentations, and practise tests, which you can complete at home.

Training for the courses takes two to three hours to complete and costs $130 for a combined boat and PWC jet ski licence course, or $90 for PWC jet ski only. When your test has been successfully completed, take your certificate to VicRoads and pay the five-year licence fee, which allows you to start boating (in real life!).


Fish Smarter


This isn’t technically a boating course, but if you want to level-up your angling, then an online fishing course with Ryan Moody could be just the ticket. Courses include ‘The Secret to Fishing’, which teaches anglers how to effectively use a fish finder to increase their catch.

There’s a ‘Barra Basics’ course, which offers a step-by-step framework for catching big barra, a ‘Wonky Holes’ course for finding those incredible fishing spots, plus other courses designed to help you improve your catch and hone your fishing techniques.

Ryan Moody also offers a number of free training workshops, designed to help anglers improve their sounder skills, optimise their equipment and get to know how to identify barramundi, golden snapper, threadfin and other fish species on marine electronic equipment.


Need Cover for Your Boat?


Got some time on your hands? Reviewing your existing boat insurance is a great way to lower your ongoing policy costs. Our marine underwriters can take a look at your existing cover and let you know if there’s a more suitable option available for you.

Head here to get started.

Coast Insurance is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the courses listed above.

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