Best Apps for Boaties

Best Apps for Boaties

Do you want to be the smartest boater in your marina?


At Coast Insurance, we’re all about making boating simple and smart. Although nothing can replace your boat’s onboard features and expertise, there are many useful apps that will help you enjoy your time on the water.

Coast Insurance is here to start your boating journey. Coast Insurance helps clients weather all kinds of risks by offering the best insurance solutions.

We offer comprehensive insurance solutions and a depth of expertise to help you feel confident in uncertain times.

These are some of our favourite boating apps that will make your life easier and more enjoyable on the water.


Windy App


Windy App is an invaluable tool that you should have in your boating arsenal, alongside the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) official weather forecasts and warnings for your area(s).

The app offers a great visual presentation of current weather conditions and hourly updates on all weather factors, including wind, waves, rain, and more. Even better, you can check the conditions up until 10 days before you leave for your destination. The Windy App and BOM give you two weather forecasts, which will allow you to better plan. 

Install is free with in-app purchases. Available for Android and iPhone.




The app provides safety information and other assistance from Australia’s maritime authorities. It will notify you about any hazards or incidents near you. Deckee boldly claims to be the only app that you will need for water safety.

Deckee’s most popular features include the ability to log trips and receive trip reports. These can then be shared with friends and family. Other users can contribute points of interest and updates to the map as well. Charts, depths, and float plans are some of the new features in development.

Although many of the apps on this list were developed abroad, Deckee was built right here in Australia. The app is now available in the US, with plans to expand.

Jessica Watson, an Australian sailor, made history when she sailed the globe at 16 years old. She is even an ambassador for this app, Deckee!

The app is completely free and does not require any subscriptions or purchases. Available for both iPhone and Android devices.


Anchor Alarm


Install is free with in-app purchases. Available for Android and iPhone.

Anchor Alarm is a fantastic tool for increasing your safety and security when dropping anchor or simply mooring. Set an alarm and receive alerts whenever your boat moves or drags beyond the range you have established from your anchor-drop location.

This app works best when used with your boat’s GPS or chart plotter. You can use Anchor Alarm to send an alarm to your bunk from your phone or tablet. meaning you will be able to hear it when it sounds, giving you extra comfort and security.


Boating, Marine, & Lakes


Boating Marine and Lakes offers a range of nautical charts and other useful features that will help you out on the water, whether you are cruising, sailing, or diving. You get the exact same detailed marine charts that you’d find on the most sophisticated GPS plotters.

Boating on the seas and lakes is an excellent backup option. It covers Australia as well as most of the world.

  • Comprehensive nautical charts
  • A community that includes ACTIVECAPTAIN ™
  • Autoroute dock-to-dock
  • Map and advanced weather options
  • Plotter sync

Available for iPhone and Android users. With a yearly paid subscription, you can install and test it for free.




MarineRescue assists you in staying safe in NSW waters. It is the only app that connects you directly to Marine Rescue NSW. Logging in allows you to see a team of 3,000 search and rescue experts who will assist you if you have any issues out on the water. All you are required to do is log your trip before you set sail.

MarineRescue also provides live tracking. Marine Rescue NSW tracks your position and keeps tabs on your travels by automatically updating it every half hour.

The following features are available:

  • Weather and local tide conditions
  • Your longitude and latitude coordinates
  • A safety checklist to be aware of before you leave for your trip
  • Emergency call procedures
  • Marine Rescue NSW information
  • Information on top fishing spots

Free. Available for Android and iPhone.




The bright orange branding makes this app instantly recognisable. KnowWake is the best app for finding points of interest along the way in a variety of locations, including Australia.

This app is great for those who are more concerned with navigation to fuel docks and marinas. Simple colour coding makes it easy to spot changes in wake zones. Easy routing makes it easy to get from A to B. KnowWake is available offline, so you can access it from anywhere. Location sharing is great for group travel and meeting up with friends.

The app is free to use and is available for iPhone and Android.




Fishbrain gives you the best fishing experiences, whether you’re a pro or a beginner. Fishbrain, with its 4 million recorded fish catches and over 1.7 million fishing waters worldwide, is the best source for up-to-date information on fishing. You have the option of sharing your catch location or not. It’s your choice. Your secret spots will always be kept secret.

There are many ways to connect with other anglers, learn different techniques, and find different types of fish in any given water area. The most notable features include local fishing maps, which show water depth and forecasts. Additionally, you can drop waypoints, which allows you to connect with other anglers. Also, you have access to data about logged catches, as well as a shop that offers discounts for members on the best fishing equipment. The app is beautifully designed and very easy to use.

After a one-month free trial, a monthly subscription is required. Available for iPhone and Android devices.


Are You Ready to Take the Helm?


While boating apps can be useful, it is sometimes better to speak to experts. The team at Coast Insurance has many years of boating experience. Reach out with any questions.


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