Tips for buying a kayak that is right for me

Tips for buying a kayak that is right for me

These tips will help you narrow down what kind of kayak is likely to suit your needs best, so you can invest in a kayak that is right for you.


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Tips for buying a kayak


Before delving into all of the different styles of kayaks available, we recommend considering:

  • What you’d like to use the kayak for.
  • Where you’d like to paddle most.
  • Your level of experience.


Keeping this information in mind will help you rule out which kayak is not the right fit for you, and get you one step closer to finding the perfect kayak for your next paddling adventure.


Kayaks for different purposes

Recreational kayaks

If you want a versatile kayak that does well in many different environments, then a recreational kayak could be right for you. These styles of kayak are typically ‘sit on top’ (more on this later), and are often favoured by families and folk who like to kayak on the weekend.



  • Stable on the water.
  • Great for families and people getting into the sport.
  • Can be purchased from Anaconda, BCF and other boating and fishing stores in Australia.


Sea kayaks

Sea kayaks are better suited to more experienced paddlers, as they are narrower, which makes them harder to balance in. They often come with extra gear, like outriggers, spray skirts and rudders, which improve stability and help keep course when paddling offshore.



  • Great for ocean paddling, so long as you have the experience.
  • They’re sit in kayaks, which helps to stop water coming in.
  • Faster, due to narrower design.


Fishing kayaks

Angling kayaks are custom designed for stability, and come with storage and features that make fishing easier. Most tend to have rod holders, mounts for fish finders, and other electronic devices, as well as internal space to store your catch and other gear.



  • Choose from sit on top or sit in.
  • Easy to spray down and clean.



Touring kayaks

Touring kayaks are ideal for paddlers dreaming of kayaking down river to the perfect spot and setting up camp. Because they’re enclosed, you can pack up the kayak with camping gear and travel relatively long distances.



  • Can be either sit on top or sit in.
  • Great for transporting gear.
  • Perfect for multi-day adventures.


Racing kayaks

These kayaks are custom designed for maximum speeds, using Kevlar, carbon fibres, fibre glass and other light weight composite materials. Racing kayaks are not for beginners, as they require exceptional balance and coordination.



  • Custom made for racing in dead calm conditions in a straight line.
  • Designed for speed.
  • Ideal for experienced kayakers looking to compete.


Sit on top versus sit in kayak


A sit on top kayak has an open cockpit and an enclosed hull, which makes them highly versatile. If you do happen to capsize, a sit on top kayak won’t fill with water and submerge. They’re a more modern style of kayak, and favoured by many recreational paddlers and anglers.



  • Perfect ‘first kayak’.
  • Great in many different conditions.
  • Very stable.


Sit in kayaks are more traditional. The cockpit area is enclosed, and has a spray skirt, which helps to stop water from getting inside. Experienced paddlers can even roll these kinds of kayaks without water coming in.



  • Great for white water kayaking.
  • Keeps paddler warmer in cold conditions.
  • Ideal for more experienced kayakers.


Need cover for your kayak?


Once you have found the right kayak for you, we can help you with the right cover. Ask us for an obligation-free quote, and we’ll put together an option that matches your needs and your budget.


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