Science says boating is better for you

Science says boating is better for you
It’s no secret that being on a boat feels amazing. And it turns out, science agrees. Today, we’re sharing three scientific reasons why being on the water is beneficial to your mind and body.
Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Blue health lowers depression

A 2019 study by researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School in the UK found that people who live close to the ocean are 22% less likely to suffer from the symptoms of depression and anxiety, when compared with those who live inland.

‘Blue health’ is the term used to describe why people feel good when they are near, in or on water. A 2018 Canadian study found that those who live close to water have a lower mortality risk (of 17%), and the protective benefits were especially prevalent for women and older people.


  1. The sunshine vitamin

Having enough vitamin D in our system is important, as it helps to control levels of calcium in our blood, and is vital for strong muscles, bones and disease resistance. It’s primarily produced when our skin absorbs sunlight, although it can also be found in foods like eggs, milk and fatty fish.

Many Australians actually aren’t getting enough Vitamin D, especially with so many people working inside. People who boat are more likely to get Vitamin D from the sun, which is the best way to absorb it. Just make sure you’re sun smart, as too much UV exposure can be harmful.


  1. Lowered cortisol

Blue Mind, the best-selling book by Wallace J Nichols, explores the science behind why being on, in or under water makes people feel healthier and happier. According to Nicols, the sight and sound of water acts to lower cortisol, increase serotonin and increase relaxation.

Nichols also says that when it comes to lowering stress and inducing relaxation, simply being onboard a boat is a kind of medicine. Disconnecting and logging out from technology is another key factor to lowering stress. And when people are onboard, they get a break from this.


Are you covered?

Having the right level of cover for your boating needs probably has health benefits too! If you’d like us to take a look at your existing marine cover, we can perform an obligation-free review to ensure it’s the ideal product for your needs and budget. We can also get you started with cover for a new or second-hand vessel.

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