How to get your boat ready for winter

How to get your boat ready for winter
Australia isn’t exactly known for its harsh winters, but it still pays to prepare your boat for the colder months, so it’s in good nick when the weather turns fine again. We’ve blogged our top 6 tips for preparing your boat for storage in winter.


Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Check your fluids

Just like a high performance car, it’s important to check your boat’s fluids before putting it away into storage. Start with changing the oil to get rid of any water or acids that may corrode the engine while it is in storage. You’ll also need to drain any existing coolant and flush the entire system with water. Then, use fresh antifreeze to fill the boat.


  1. Fogging oil is your friend

Turn your engine over without starting it, then spray fogging oil into the carburettor (including spark holes). Doing so will ensure the smaller moving elements of your engine remain safe while the boat is in storage. These more intricate parts tend to be more expensive to fix, so this preventative measure is certainly worth it.


  1. Remove drive belts

Drive belts can crack under tension if they’re left for an extended time when a boat is in storage. To avoid this, it’s best to remove them completely. If this is not possible, loosen them to reduce the tension, as this will also reduce the likelihood of breakage.


  1. Sort the fuel system

To avoid an unhealthy build-up of condensation while your boat is in storage, it’s best to top off your boat’s fuel. While you’re at it, change the fuel filter and add marine fuel stabiliser to the tank. Cleaning the whole fuel system as well as you can lowers the chances of issues arising when you take your boat out of storage.


  1. Double check the entire boat

Before you leave your boat for the winter, give it another look over from bow to stern. Catching minor issues before they become larger and more costly will save you big hassles in the summer months. Look for corrosion, broken insulation, worn cables or other issues that could get worse while the boat is in storage. Deal with them now and you’ll thank yourself later.


  1. Check on your boat over the winter months

Even if you’re not planning to go out on the water, it’s important to check on your boat regularly during winter, to make sure everything is in order. If storms or rains have hit, make sure water hasn’t entered the interior of your boat, as this could cause bigger problems down the track.


Time to review your boat insurance?

Winter is a great time to review your existing boat insurance, so you have peace of mind that it is still the right fit. Reviewing your cover at least once a year is likely to say you more on your boat insurance over the long term. And it ensures your cover continues to fit your boating needs just right.


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